The Programme

The course, which is the first of its kind in Ireland is run over a 2 day period (Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm )
After the initial referral and one to one interview the participants are then asked to engage with the following modules.

Module 1 – Emotional Control

Driving is a highly complex social activity that has a language all of its own, for that reason this module looks at the importance of good clear communication and how that impacts on the etiquette of driving. The module also explores our emotions and how they contribute to our overall...

Module 2 – Responsibility

This module seeks to explore and identify our internal belief systems as well as our own moral values and judgements. It looks at and challenges our thinking and attitudes towards driving and towards other road users. It also identifies the specific conditions needed to formulate these attitudes to begin with...

Module 3 – Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of any substance that alters and impairs our driving ability is both illegal and highly dangerous. In this module, we consider the facts surrounding drink and drug driving in Ireland. We explore accepted cultural attitudes and norms and reflect on how these can impact on our...

Module 4 – Consequential Thinking & Outcomes

This module highlights the importance of how each and every choice we make has a certain consequence. Poor decision making will invariably lead to poorer outcomes. Having completed the first three modules successfully participants will have gained the additional information and knowledge necessary to make more informed choices and decisions...


On the completion of all four modules participants are then awarded a certificate identifying their engagement and successful outcome with the programme.

An evaluation and report is also sent directly and in complete confidence to the judge, who, considers the report before using it to further inform any final judgement he may have regarding the individual client.

Probation clients attending our course will also have brief and factual report sent direct to their probation officer.


The Programme is designed to work with those who have come to our attention as the direct result or consequence of their driving behaviour. We seek to re-educate and rehabilitate participants by firstly challenging established thinking patterns and attitudes, thus bringing about a new found awareness and understanding in relation to their driving behaviour. Our aims are to reduce re-offending, reduce road collisions as well as reducing serious injury and fatality, all of which will contribute greatly to making our roads much safer for everyone.